L.A. Girl Endless Semi-Permanent Auto Lip Liner Review

The spring semester began last week at my university, so I apologize for being MIA. I’ll make up for that this week!

Tonight, I want to talk about a treasure I came across — the L.A. Girl Endless Semi-Permanent Auto Lip Liners. My local Ulta had almost all of the NYX and Rimmel London lip liners out of stock, so I was on the hunt for another affordable lip liner. I did some research on YouTube (watching countless videos) and I came across Kathleenlights’s review of the L.A. Girl lip liners. I was impressed by the video and I decided to purchase them.

I purchased my lip liners on eBay. Sounds a bit shady, but I got a great deal. I got 3 unopened lip liners for less than $8 + free shipping.

*****Pro Tip: eBay is great for buying L.A. girl because it’s cheaper than in stores and on the L.A. girl website. That’s where I purchased the Glazed Lip Paints and concealers.

From top to bottom: True Red, Berries, Mauvelous Mauve.

These lip liners are actually amazing and super affordable! They retail for $5, which is still great for a lip liner that doesn’t need to be sharpened. This lip liner is stiff, but in a good way. The product doesn’t create a thick line and glides on easily. It doesn’t bleed. I paired True Red with Wet N Wild Wine Room lipstick and it was a marvelous combination. It feathered slightly after about 5 hours, but I barely noticed it. Lately, I’ve been wearing lip colors that I can pair with these liners because I like them so much.

I honestly want to buy all of the liners lol. There’s also a hot pink, a wine, 2 browns, an orange and a soft pink/ beige.

This product is a 5/5. I like it even more than the NYX Slim Lip Pencils!

If you’ve tried them, let me know how you feel about them!

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